There are many programs that are a 'must have' when surfing the web. here at rhoades.org we offer links to download all of the best add-ons and programs to make your web experience the best. If you have any suggestions please e-mail us.

Browser and Plugins:
We recomend Netscape as your Browser. Netscape is the Industry leader, and comply's with all of the internet standards, unlike internet explorer.

There are an ever growing number of web pages that require the Macromedia shockwave and flash players to view their content. A deffinate must have.

A lot of pages you visit play MIDI files as background music. Crescendo offers one of the best midi players with many controls over your music.

Audio and Video
If you are looking for a great audio and video player Real Player is your answer. Listen to thousands of online radio broadcasts, and watch streaming video, FREE.

Mp3 is the newest Internet audio format, and Music Match Jukebox is the best mp3 player and ripper combination that I've found.

Instant messanging:

ICQ is by far the best instant message / chat program available today, it is very quick and very easy to use. Download it today!


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